Brazilian comics

Captain RED

Bringing to you the adventures of a military man who becomes a superhero and fights crime on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
 He is the Lieutenant Colonel Ellano, the head of a special elite squad called R.E.D., which was created to fight criminal factions that has been widely growing across Brazil.
Captain RED wears specially designed high tech equipment, such as combat bodyarmor, shield attached to the bodyarmor and advanced weapons and motorcycle for transport.
This is superhero in the Brazilian way.
Join this fight!
Writer: Elyan
Pencils and ink: A-Lima
Colors: Gil Santos
Cover: Ricardo Jaime, Marcos Martins
Editor: Alex Magnos
Lettering:: Yi Long

ISBN 978-65-89662-31-0
Type: ongoing series 
Genre: superhero
Publishing date: December, 2022
Original country: Brazil
Language: English
Publishing label: Red Dragon Comics
Format: comic – 17x26cm, 44 pages
Softcover/staples, full color

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